Is It Time For You To Get Your Car Wheels Aligned? Recognize The Symptoms

Understanding what wheel alignment is, what causes the wheels to get misalignedA�and how to know when it is time to get the wheels aligned are important aspects ofA�car ownership. This is something you are going to hear a lot about every time youA�take your car in for servicing or a routine checkup.

What Is Wheel Alignment & Why Is It So Important?

When a car rolls out of the showroom, the wheels are perfectly aligned. If you lookA�at the front and back pairs of wheels, you will see they are parallel to each other andA�perpendicular to the ground. However, rough roads and potholes can affect theA�alignment of your wheels over a period of time. Wheels that are not perfectlyA�aligned can cause a host of problems, including uneven tire wear.

Wheel alignment refers to a specific procedure that is done to get the wheels andA�tires in a straight line or a�?aligneda�? with each other. This is not a DIY job. AligningA�the wheels is a very precise procedure done using specific equipment.A�When all 4 wheels are properly aligned, the tires work together more efficiently, resulting in safer handling, improved mileage and better steering wheel return.A�Most importantly, the tires tend to wear more evenly and they last longer too.

Signs That Your Wheels Are Out Of Alignment

Wheel misalignment happens abruptly only if you hit a deep ditch or pothole orA�you ram your car hard into a wall.A�Under regular driving conditions, the misalignment happens over a period of timeA�so you may not notice it at first. As the wheels get increasingly more out ofA�alignment, there are a few signs that indicate it is time to take your car to aA�professional.

Youa��ll know ita��s time to get your car to the service station immediately if youA�notice any or all of the following:

  • Malegra no rx, acquire lioresal. Your tires look like they have worn out unevenly. Misalignment-inducedA�wear usually occurs on one side or one edge of the tire.
  • You feel the vehicle pulling to one side or a�?driftinga�� even when you areA�driving down a straight road and your steering wheel is being heldA�straight.
  • Your fuel consumption is unusually high even though your driving habitsA�have remained the same.
  • You can feel your steering wheel vibrating even when you are driving atA�low speeds.
  • Your steering wheel looks like it is off-centre when the car is travellingA�in a straight line.

The problem with these symptoms is that you only begin to notice them when yourA�wheels are already way out of alignment. ThisA�means your vehicle is alreadyA�guzzling gas, your tires are already unevenly worn and need to be prematurelyA�changed and your safety while driving is being compromised.

Instead of waiting to reach this point, it is far better to get your car wheelsA�inspected at least once a year under regular driving conditions. If you are planningA�a long highway trip or you hit a pothole or a wall and your next inspection is a fewA�months away, go ahead and book an appointment early. Youa��ll be glad you did.

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