A Sneak-Peek Inside A Mechanica��s Tool Kit

Mechanics need to know how to use a wide range of tools to fix a car. Some of these are common everyday tools that most of us use for little DIY projects while others may be a bit more unusual. Herea��s a quick look inside a mechanica��s tool kit:

Full Set of Screwdrivers

Just about everybody owns a screwdriver today and many people own more than one, so why should something as commonplace as screwdrivers make it on this list? Because mechanics do not just own one or two – they own almost every type of screwdriver there is.A�This helps them accomplish different tasks on any type of car that drives into their service station.

These are just some of the types of screwdrivers you can expect to find in a mechanica��s tool box:

  1. Normal length
  2. Stubbed
  3. Long, skinny
  4. Small flathead
  5. Torx
  6. Thick, sturdy flathead

A Set of Wrenches

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With the huge assortment of types, sizes and even specialty wrenches available, itA�may be impossible for any one mechanic to own them all.A�But manyA�will own aA�pretty impressive collection so they can complete mostA�car maintenance and repairA�jobs.

Socket Set

Every mechanic needs a good socket set to take apart and put back the nutsA�and bolts that are holding a car together. Sockets usually come in differentA�diameters and in two lengths a�� short and long. AA�socket set that includes allA�types ensures that the mechanic does not have to hit the hardware store every timeA�a new car comes in for a servicing or tune-up.

Extensions & Swivels

Extensions help make life easier for a mechanic who is trying to access a bolt thatA�is hard to reach. Swivels do the same, butA�with an added functionality. They provide theA�necessary bend and flexibility to access bolts that only a contortionist wouldA�otherwise be able to access.


There are several jobs that require the use of pliers. A pair of regular pliers and aA�pair of needle nose pliers are must-haves in any mechanica��s toolkit.

Grease Guns

Grease guns are used to spray or inject lubricant onto the various car parts that areA�susceptible to the wear and tear of the road.

JackA�& Jack-Stands

An automotive jack is essential. It’s the only way for the mechanic to get under theA�car, whether it is to inspect the underside or for a repair job. It is also necessary forA�any job that involvesA�taking the wheels off.

Using jack-stands to support the car while using a jack is absolutely crucial. SinceA�a jack is hydraulic, the chances are high that it could fail. Jack-stands, on the otherA�hand, are purely mechanical and provide sturdier support with almost no chance ofA�them collapsing.

Automotive Stethoscope

It would be impossible to list them all but an automotive stethoscope is a prettyA�interesting tool to wrap up this list.A�The nifty little device helps to pinpoint problems that are difficult to diagnose. The mechanic touches the probe lightly against theA�most likely suspects and the problem area immediately reacts to the probe, makingA�detection easier.

Now that you have learned about the tools we use on a daily basis, click hereA�to learn about what to look for when buying a used car.

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